Restoring Sacred

International Fine Art Fund is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to discovering and exhibiting fine artists from around the world.   We give a voice to artists that have a positive and transformational perspective in their work, as well as excellence in skill, talent, concept, and consistency.  We seek to give opportunity and a platform to artists that may lack recognition or representation.  IFAF has a particular focus on featuring work that has a contemporary spiritual dialogue that links to conversations of faith, divinity and community. 

We work with highly trained, talented artists from various countries to promote their unique creative visions and create a dialogue around their work.  IFAF has traveled to document these artists through our artist interview series Art+Soul.  We use our website and social media outlets as a platform to engage people in this work, as well as connect these artists.   We further our vision by creating physical spaces to display their work and invite a wider audience into the conversation.   Luz Art LA, opening March 2018, is a place to exhibit and engage the community on various levels.  We will host uniquely curated events, as well as the opportunity to purchase artwork and artisan-made goods.  Fashion, books, and home items will be among the items available.  We collaborate with local and international artisans to create a truly unique creative conversation.

We hope to inspire the next generation by bringing curated art projects and talks to local Los Angeles schools.

We are building bridges between diverse cultural and faith based communities, sharing our common desire to create.  IFAF is committed to discovering and exhibiting artists that are multicultural and who use craft or themes in their work that reflect their ethnic or spiritual heritage.  We are currently working on collaborative projects with artists from Kenya, Haiti, Mexico and the Navajo Nation.  

Our Philosophy

We are a diverse community of artists, revealing the commonality in the human spirit that searches for faith, hope, love and mercy.

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