Who We Are

The International Fine Art Fund (IFAF) is a 501c3 non-profit created to foster a positive spiritual movement in the arts.   Our objective is to restore the voice of faith-based artists who have a desire to continue the sacred conversation.

Since the beginning, there has been an ongoing dialogue between faith and art. Mankind has expressed their deepest questions and desires through artistic expression.  IFAF would like to continue this conversation with a new generation of art enthusiasts.  We believe divinity can be seen in great artistic works. Art is transformative.  It is an interactive platform where the artist and audience can exchange hope, joy, love, beauty, healing and social reform.  We seek to inspire our artists not simply reflect their surroundings, but to intentionally create works that provoke movement, thought and positive change.

Sacred Art & Sacred Space

Sacred art is devotional. It sees the divine in the world around us and shows the miraculous qualities within our everyday existence. Our featured artists are a conduit to the divine through their ability to translate beauty, truth and hope onto a canvas. In this way, the artwork transcends the artists themselves.

We partner with art fairs and galleries to create sacred space installations, inviting the viewer to encounter and dialog with sacred works.

Serving Communities

We serve urban communities domestically and internationally by bringing art into public spaces. Art can have a positive healing impact on our communities. We reach out to cities and people that have been recently affected by a natural disaster or tragedy to offer art as an act of love and renewal. We also partner with local vocational schools, ministries and nonprofits that are already impacting these communities by offering artists mentorship.We believe the hand of divine can be seen as we reach out to our under-served neighbors.

Positive Promotion

IFAF promotes international and domestic artists through media, art symposiums, and international art fairs.  We stay on the cutting edge of the art market, challenging our artists to present their highest quality work.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy simply is this: Art is an expression of a deep desire to show one’s inner self. Our work speaks of “Deep calling out to deep,” man’s quest to know God and the hidden things of life. Our talents are a gift from God for the betterment of society.

We are a diverse community of artists, revealing the commonality in the human spirit that searches for faith, hope, love and mercy. We are open to connect with artists that have a positive, transformational, perspective in their work. 

In honoring the rich history of biblically based works, we focus on presenting contemporary interpretations of sacred art.

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