Mary Jane Miller works full time in Mexico a painter of icons for twenty years, her hope as a women iconographer is always to bringing people closer to God. Painting modern catholic icons, and designing New Byzantine image, Mary Jane Miller pushes the edge of tradition with respect and grace, enticing people to come closer to God through beautiful icon images. Miller says, “Traditionally I feel there have been too few images of women in icons, too few women Orthodox iconographers, and too few Catholic women who teach, or are recognized as female mystics”.

Painting Icons is an organic and dynamic piece of tradition dating back 1,700 years, The practice of it has quietly endured through time and continues to speak to us across generations even today. As a contemporary iconographer, my physical, mental and spiritual strengths are reflected in the art form while my attention is tuned to an inner silence. It has proved to be a wonderful discipline, one I would like to share with others.

The practice crosses cultures and faith traditions. Million year old dirt is trapped and suspended in egg yolk (the raw potential for life), for me it is a symbol of my own relationship with God, I am trapped in God. The process is simple, moving paint. Imagine a small consciousness shift as we blur the lines between who we are as humans and who we are as divine light all because of paint?

All of the images are egg tempera, 23 kt Gold. The 100 % hand tooled pewter adorning the large icons has been done by her husband Valentin Gomez. For more information and for classes.

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Cult of Beauty
Women Who Teach - Mary Jane Miller
Mary and Holy Spirit - Mary Jane Miller
Guadalupe - Mary Jane Miller
Yellow Pantocrator - Mary Jane Miller
Mary of Tenderness - Mary Jane Miller
Christ Trinity - Mary Jane Miller
Mary Eucharist - Mary Jane Miller

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