Nikola Sarić was born 1985 in Bajina Bašta, Serbia. In 2000, he moved to Belgrade to study at the TehnoArt School. In 2005, he began studying at the Faculty of Applied Arts of the University of Belgrade;  one year later he moved to study at the Academy of Serbian Orthodox Church for Arts and Conservation in the department of church art, where he graduated in 2014. Since 2011 Nikola Sarić lives in Hannover, Germany.

Nurtured in the practice of church art, his artistic expression is deriving from sacred Greco-Roman art and generally speaking the art of the classical antiquity and the medieval period. In his works, through the immediacy and simplicity of visual elements, he is conveying the intuition of a “transfigured world”.  Using different techniques and materials, Nikola is trying to describe this unimaginable world. His interpretations reflect the personal spiritual experiences as well as tradition that breathes and evolves within the concepts of contemporaries.
Nikola Saric | Happy Prince Leporello
Nikola Saric | Happy Prince Leporello
Nikola Saric | Wiederkunft
Nikola Saric | Kreuzigung 2016
Nikola Saric | Menschwerdung
Nikola Saric | Auferstehung
Nikola Saric | Gleichnisse Jesu
Nikola Saric | Gleichnisse Jesu 10
Nikola Saric | Gleichnisse Jesu 08
Nikola Saric | Gleichnisse Jesu 07
Nikola Saric | Maria Magdalena
Nikola Saric | Laokoon
Nikola Saric | Johannes der Theologe

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