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Hillwood Estate, Russian Sacred Art Collection

I could feel the weight of the velvet, of the rich details, through the glass.  The embroidery caught the light like thousands of flecks of gold.  It was difficult to imagine the long, labored work (of perhaps more than one set of hands) discarded to be thrown away or destroyed.  This garment is a just

Tatjana Jovancevic

  Risen “My main mode of expression, and the most present element of my visual vocabulary, is the line. It’s a flow of uninterrupted force that travels from me to the paper.”  Tatjana Jovancevic works on paper to build complex concepts into forms.   The mode of her line work interacts with her overarching theme of being uprooted early in her

Clio 2017 Recap

Edward Knippers A common reaction to the work of Edward Knippers was that people felt moved by the brush strokes themselves.  Knippers began his career creating cubist and abstract works before he became inspired to paint the human body.  Perhaps this quality of approaching color application with nuance and intention, instead of focusing solely on building the

Made New Arts, IFAF Artist Hilary White Fosters Positive Creative Expression

International Fine Art Fund artist and Board member Hilary White has partnered with Ignite Refuge and Partnership for Strong Families to create the Made New Arts Program.  The program provides creative expression for children in the foster care system.  Classes are taught by local artists and supplies come from donations.   White, who is based

IFAF at Clio Art Fair 3/2-3/5/17

Clio Art Fair March 2-5 2017 508 W 26th St New York, NY 10001   Join us at Clio Art Fair in New York City next week to see the work of Edward Knippers, Victor Atkins, and Sergii Radkevych.  The show opens on Thursday, March 2 and runs until Sunday, March 5. MARCH 2  6:00

Marianne Lettieri

Mantle of Iniquities Found objects are what Marianne Lettieri calls, “physical evidence of human preoccupation and temporality.”  This speaks to the artist’s twenty-two years spent in the world of dance and choreography, merged with her pursuit of fine art.  Pieces of Lettieri’s sculptures are haunted by their past connection to a human being, like the

The Bowden Collection, Traveling Biblical Art Exhibits

The Bowden Collection is curated by Sandra Bowden.  The fine artist and collector works out of her home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  She began creating work inspired by her Christian faith early in her life.  Her work can be seen in various museums, including the Vatican Museum of Contemporary Religious Art and the Cincinnati Museum.

Mary McCleary

The Prodigal Son Mary McCleary's images are made up of many parts.  Often mistaken for paintings, her collages capture the details of shapes and forms.  The artist’s hand infuses a life-like quality into the plastic, ceramic, and natural materials, each bit and piece. It is common knowledge that artist have painted biblical figures in garb

Kirsten Van Mourick

"The Psalm" “I believe [painting] speaks for me more powerfully than a photograph because it is imperfect. It is a continuous challenge.”  Artist Kirsten Van Mourick also finds a challenge in portraying the surreal.  Van Mourick has experimented with subtlety and striking symbolization, all for the sake of revealing life seen through a spiritual lens.  Images

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