Over on our artist talk page we feature interviews from our Art+Soul youtube channel.  Here is our latest from sculpture artist Noa Arad Yairi.  We met Noa in her studio while we were in Israel, where she spoke to use about three series’ of her sculpture works that explore feminism, ritual, and what it means to be a woman.

“In the beginning I had the idea of making these women postures, in different places all split in half.  And from there there’s the moment where I finish the sculpture and it stands and it’s very beautiful and someone, my husband or someone else, would say, ‘Oh don’t cut it.  It’s so nice.  It’s a pity.’ And there’s the feeling of like ‘Should I, shouldn’t I?  Isn’t it a pity…maybe I will ruin it.’”

“…after I cut it, there’s like a sigh of relief and it’s like starting all over again with the sculpture.  And then you start with the inside.  And it’s very meditative, it’s very – it could be endless.  You are led by the figurative side.  Then I find out what’s inside me, what’s inside her, who is she, who am I, how do I relate?”

“I would like people to look at my work, and although in the beginning it’s the figurative beauty of this figure, I would like them to ponder into it and to try to understand that what you see there is something behind it, there is something in it.  How it is to be a woman, how it is the live in a woman’s body.  But alongside this is this feminist thought of a woman’s place in the world.  I think that art is for me, is sort of a mediator between me and life and reality and something that helps to heal, helps to understand my relationships, my thoughts, my life.


Photo: courtesy of Noa Arad Yairi

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