Johan Anderson


The emotive quality of Johan Anderson‘s portraits was a powerful presence at the LA Art Show.  The portraits captivated the humanity of figures who personified dehumanizing practices in our world.  Branded was an image of a woman with a barcode on her forehead.  Dirty depicted another woman with dirt splattered on her.  The emotion in the eyes contrasted with these disturbing symbols to bring forth the human beneath the label that is applied to them.


Alex Folla

Altar of the Force

Alex Folla’s explored religious themes and iconography with a mixture of pop art, romanticism, and grit.  His color choices were bright and gruesome, featuring candy colors, flesh tones, and gold leafing.  The presence of black and gold, the artist’s high use of contrast, layered the images of modern and mythological figures with a classical quality reminiscent of Caravaggio and Battistello.  Folla’s artwork finds its signature in the meeting of pop and classical art.

St. Catherine


St. Thomas


Last Light



Larry Lewis

Support System

Larry Lewis’ exploration of both the human and social conditions caught our attention.  Themes in Lewis’ artwork were about connection and community, as well self-study and individual exploration.  Further viewing of Lewis’ catalogue reveals deep searching.  The artist’s usage of primary colors has the quality of lightness, while simultaneously revealing the emotive depth and stability of the figures in the artwork.


Finding the New

Socially Committed


Joshua Smith

The Philosopher

Joshua Smith‘s artwork offered a contemplative space with a serene quality.  Smith offers his paintings as a space for others to make connections to their own experiences, finding their voice within the work.  That quality of openness can be seen in his moorless landscapes and soft expression of light.


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