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Carmelita Greco is the founder and director of the International Fine Art Fund (IFAF) 501c3 non-profit. “My heart behind IFAF, is centered on creating a platform for sacred art within the contemporary art world and to share a positive representation of  faith centered work. To give a voice to art that reflects aspects of faith, spirit, and hope. .” When we connect with something larger than ourselves our work can have a spiritual and transformative effect. Greco sees the non-profit, and the role of spiritually attuned artists, as “bringing a refreshing vision to the arts.”

Historically spiritual institutions have been a benefactor of the fine arts until conflict arose with the belief that visuals are materialistic, thus working against the spiritual. The focus of IFAF is to provide visual artists with a platform for spiritual expression that can be difficult for them to find. The residue of the rejection of visual art still exists, as well as trepidation when faced with the exploration of uncomfortable or challenging issues. Conversely, secular culture can struggle to embrace works that point the world toward God instead of work that is directly centered on the artist. Greco believes that the gift of creativity is meant for “[artists] to bring enlightenment to viewers. Artists have an ability to capture details that cannot be seen by every person. This gives artists a unique quality as a mediator between the divine and man.” For her, and other spiritually centered artists, “[God] has given us a vision to create.” This is to magnify the divine in creation and to help bring out the divine qualities in humanity.

Greco is also the designer behind Carmelita Couture, a vibrant clothing label worn by international celebrities. Her pieces can be seen in magazines around the world and on the red carpet. Fashion has always been a purposeful pursuit for Greco, extending beyond the balance of color and shape and into the recognition of beauty as a divine quality. This most recent collection dives deeper into the spiritual, biblical, purpose of adornment. “My calling is to make priestly garments, to share a priestly identity on the earth through fashion.”

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