Restoring Sacred

International Fine Art Fund is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  We are dedicated to discovering international artists who create with a Biblical worldview.  We are committed to the growth of the international art community by encouraging innovation, creativity, and excellence.  We are an advocate for artists, offering positive exposure, community, and mentorship.  As we encourage and mentor artists we are investing in the transformational affect their art can have on the world at large.

We give a voice to artists that have a positive and transformational perspective in their work, as well as excellence in skill, talent, concept, and consistency.  We seek to give opportunity and a platform to artists that may lack recognition or representation.  IFAF has a particular focus on featuring work that has a contemporary spiritual dialogue that links to conversations of faith, divinity and community. 

We use our website and social media outlets as a platform to engage people in this work, as well as connect these artists.  We are building bridges between diverse cultural and faith based communities, sharing our common desire to create.  

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy simple is this: Art is an expression of a deep desire to show one’s inner self. Our work speaks of “deep calling out to deep,” man’s quest to know God and the hidden things of life. Our talents are a gift from God for the betterment of society.

We are a Christ-centered community of artists, revealing the multicultural face of the living God. We are open to connect with artists that have a positive, transformational perspective in their work. We are less interested in religious dialogue, and more interested in the spirit, impact, and revelation within artwork.