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Carmelita Greco is the founder and director of the International Fine Art Fund (IFAF) 501c3 non-profit. “My heart behind IFAF, is centered on creating a space for spiritual dialogue within the contemporary art world and to give a voice to art that reflects aspects of faith, spirit, and hope.  When we connect with something larger than ourselves our work can have a spiritual and transformative effect. Greco sees the non-profit, and the role of spiritually attuned artists, as “bringing a refreshing vision to the arts.”

Historically spiritual institutions have been a benefactor of the fine arts until conflict arose with the belief that visuals are materialistic, thus working against the spiritual. The focus of IFAF is to provide visual artists with a platform for spiritual expression that can be difficult for them to find.  Artists have an ability to capture details that cannot be seen by every person. This gives artists a unique quality as a mediator between the divine and man.” For her, and other spiritually centered artists, “[God] has given us a vision to create.” This is to magnify the divine in creation and to help bring out the divine qualities in humanity.