Matti Sirvio

Matti Sirvio was born in 1956 in Sotkamo, Finland. Since 2006 he has been working in Istanbul, Turkey. Encouraged by his time in Savonlinnan Taidelukio, which at that time was the only high school specialized in Fine Arts in Finland, he made in his youth preparations to study Art Therapy in England. A call to church work redirected his way Eastward. For the following twenty five years Sirvio worked with humanitarian church work in Sweden and Hungary and among the Turkic nations in the former Soviet Union.

After the Soviet experience he lived in Sweden, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and in Kazakstan. He travelled extensively all over Central-Asia from Turkey to China. After moving to Istanbul he picked up his passion for painting again. The bright and strong colors of Central Asia and the Caucasus had captivated his soul.

Sirvio’s style is Semi-abstract Expressionism. They reflect his impressions from the Orient and the North. He is a colorist. Bold combination of cold and warm colors communicates an interesting message that leads the spectator to consider the fundamental questions of our very existence. The tapestry of the cultures and religions of the Middle-East touches the current issues with symbols and joyful details.

During the past years Sirvio has had exhibitions in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, England, Russia, Oman, Austria and Finland. In the near future there will be exhibitions also in Istanbul, New York and Helsinki.
Matti Sirvio
Hollywood, Bollywood, My Wood
O That I Had Wings
Cinnamon Vanilla
Morning Lake
Angels Watching Over Me
Let's Build A Tower That Reaches Heaven
Tree of Knowledge
I Will Go Up

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