Kay Chernush uses fine art photography to bring awareness to human trafficking.  She is among the artists being presented at Luz Art. Our next exhibition, Protecting the Innocent, is comprised of works that bring attention to the reality of human trafficking.  As the founder of the organization ArtWorks for Freedom, Chernush seeks to inspire action through her work.  She tells the story of a survivor of human trafficking in each image which is accompanied by a written account of their experience.  Chernush interprets these horrific tales into fine art images that are haunting and feel somewhat unreal.  This speaks to the fact that human trafficking is hidden.  The staggering statistics amaze people.  Accounts are gruesome beyond what some people can believe.  Every day, in every nation, people are kidnapped and taken into modern day slavery of various forms.

Chernush was introduced to the horrors of human trafficking on an assignment from the U.S. Department.  She founded ArtWorks for Freedom to use the arts to raise awareness of this hidden reality. The team of artists present works in various mediums: photography, films, graphic novels, murals, textiles, video, and conceptual art among them.  Artworks for Freedom collaborates with many organizations to bring their vision to fruition.  They hold international campaigns and work with their partners in art exhibitions, lectures, and outreach efforts through press and social media.

View more of Chernush’s work at the opening of Protecting Innocence.



Reception 6-8pm