The Bowden Collection is curated by Sandra Bowden.  The fine artist and collector works out of her home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  She began creating work inspired by her Christian faith early in her life.  Her work can be seen in various museums, including the Vatican Museum of Contemporary Religious Art and the Cincinnati Museum.  She collects works that are inspired by the personal Christian faith of artists themselves, forming exhibits that invite contemplation.

In late January, three of The Bowden Collection’s fourteen exhibitions were on view at the Calvin Symposium for Worship.  Attendees gathered to hear many scholars, N.T. Wright among them, lecture about worship and topics including music and the arts.  The Bowden Collection’s traveling exhibitions sparked conversations about art explicitly inspired by Biblical texts, displaying texts and artwork side by side to illustrate the connection between the two.

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*artwork-David with Harp by Marc Chagall.