Edward Knippers

A common reaction to the work of Edward Knippers was that people felt moved by the brush strokes themselves.  Knippers began his career creating cubist and abstract works before he became inspired to paint the human body.  Perhaps this quality of approaching color application with nuance and intention, instead of focusing solely on building the form, creates the depth that people feel when they see his work.


Sergii Radevych

Works by Sergii Radkevych, although small in scale, peaked curiosity.  The artist approaches traditional iconography with a nod to street art, a breath of edgy fresh air into sacred art.  Based in Lviv, Ukraine, the artist creates murals and street art in this style.


Victor Atkins

Victor Atkins’ “Rainy Days and Mondays” and “Counting Sheep” created a playful space on the 9th floor at Clio.  People felt energized the balance of color and primitive qualities in each work.  They also had fun trying on Carmelita Couture garments that feature Atkins work as textiles.



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Featured Artwork

Edward Knippers – “The Repentant Prodigal,” “Moses Receives the Law,” “The Circumcision of Christ,” and “Healing of the Demoniac”

Sergii Radevych – “St. Sergii,” “Christ Space,” “Christ Space (Black)”

Victor Atkins – “Rainy Days and Mondays” and “Counting Sheep”