Your journal is an interesting project.  What inspired you to do this?

“I love the metaphors shared between experiencing the growth of human life alongside the growth of a body of work.  On the practical side, I wanted the discipline of a set of daily works to help me get working again after the challenges of early pregnancy.  I also took a break from my normal body of work at the beginning of the year to focus more on other things and felt really disconnected from those pieces when I went back to address them again later, and I’ve found that these daily paintings have inspired new vision for them.”


Have there been major differences between each child’s series of work?

“I’ve made a body of work with each of my pregnancies and they each coincided as a natural development with what I had been working on prior.  It’s just meaningful to go back later and see certain pieces that I knew I made while pregnant with each child.  I feel like this particular set of daily pregnancy journal paintings has the most deliberate association with the ideas of pregnancy to growth, new life, and spiritual rebirth.”


How does the artwork compare to work that you make when you are not pregnant?

“It all flows together really and comes from a similar place.  I was wanting to make something with these though that was a direct correlation to this particular pregnancy that reflects not just this child, but the current spiritual season of the life of my family.  There’s something powerful about the spiritual season each of my children have been born in and to see how certain things in my life seem to manifest upon their arrival into the world.  That’s why it’s so important the name we give each child, that it reflects who they are and the spiritual season they develop and are born in, and similarly I can look back at my work from those seasons as a memorial of things God had been doing at the time.”


Tell me about the show that you are currently a part of.

“The show I was just recently in was a pop up show they celebrated the one year anniversary of an art collective I show work with from time to time called Art Tooth.  It was a collaborative show of Art Tooth artists as well as other art collectives in the Forth Worth area.”

What is next for your art? 

“I will have work in an alumni show coming up soon and I’ll also have my work published with Peripheral Vision Arts this fall in their Salon 2017 issue, both of which I’m really excited about.  I’ve been taking a more laid back approach this year as far as showing my work with all the changes going on.  I’m focusing on getting the work finished that I have going on right now before this baby comes.”

Burns is also embarking on a new venture of turning her sculptural works into plushes.  Check them out @plush.pods

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