Pieter Vermeersch

Pierter Vermeersch, represented by the Perrotin Gallery, uses concepts of light and dimension in his paintings.  Color gradiance ranged from subtle to bold expressions of light interacting with different textures and elements.  Semi-precious minerals were present within some of the pieces and served as a source of inspiration in Vermeersch’s color choices.  Striations found in natural stones were reproduced in large works.  Smaller works included polished pieces of actual stones.  All of these elements in Vermeersch’s artwork portrayed both the vastness and depth found within natural materials.





Mika Tajima

Mika Tajima’s works were painted with sound in the Van Doren Waxter gallery booth.  From a distance, the artwork appeared to be colorful paintings with distinct patterns.  The “Negative Entropy” works were textiles designed by sound waves.  Tajima assigns each sound frequency a color, then creates images that allow people to see sounds.  The effect has a tender quality, a balance of delicacy and depth like guache paint met with the energy of silkscreen.  Tajima’s fabric works are both textiles and physical records of the ephemeral and fleeting of sound.